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Thread: Maximus Hero VI

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    Default Maximus Hero VI

    First, I will welcome myself to the Asus side of the Tweak forums. Welcome Will

    Just purchased a Hero mobo along with the 4770K CPU and will receive it during the next week. Now I have used basically Gigabyte mobos over the last decade so any tips on setting up the Hero ?

    I am thinking of setting it up without the GPU's ( eventually it will be crossfire running eyefinity 3x24" that I currently have ) and just using the onboard video on a 27" monitor. Then get everything I want installed , updated and running correctly .

    Should I download and use the latest BIOS ?

    Major decision will be to go with Win7 or Win8 . I have previously used and removed win8 but its performance on this system would be worthwhile or stick with something I know and like...win7 ?

    System Specs will be :
    i7 4770K
    Corsair 16GB -CMY16GX3M2A1600C9R dual channel kit
    Corsair SSD 240GB Series GS
    27" Monitor

    to be added later will be :
    2 more SSD's
    2x7970 GPU

    edit : all parts arrived a lot quicker then expected and setup went just so smooth. Not a hicup and am now installing win8 upgrade after putting win7 on
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    Default Re: Maximus Hero VI

    Lets go through the installation :

    1/ Installed CPU , memory & VGA ..... posted first hit of the switch into BIOS
    2/ Installed SSD and CD/DVD player and when firing up put in win7 disc and installed win7
    3/ Installed the Asus drivers etc using installALL
    4/ Connected the internet and upgraded to win8 pro ( a hassle finding where to download from without paying again... MS sux ) and installed Asus gear again
    5/ Played around a bit, updated win8 , connected speakers via Optical and worked first up
    6/ Installed other SSD and Seagate 1TB HDD, connected all fan headers and USB headers and made sure they all worked
    7/ Connected USB3 external hard drive and USB3 flash voyager drive and they all worked.........
    8/ MAIN TEST...... booted system with USB3 drives plugged in and it WORKED perfecto

    From start to finish it has worked

    congrats to ASUS on a great motherboard

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