Hi All,

I Was given this 18 month old notebook as there was a fault with HDD and previous owner didn't want to pay for repair (out of warranty).

I have installed another HDD running Windows 7, however was stuck booting to BIOS (version 211), unable to change any settings other than the date. Would also not boot to any other sources. I downloaded BIOS update (213) to USB from asus website and ran easyflash, however now device does not boot at all, whether on AC and/or battery.

I have since removed CMOS battery and left for a few hours, re-connected everything however still no boot. With AC adapter connected, the battery charging light illuminates. When pressing power button, fans do not spin, 3 other LEDs illuminate (lightbulb icon, Wireless icon, Num lock icon).

Nothing appears on the screen and the backlight does not light up.
There are no buttons on the motherboard to press to perform any other resets.

Any idea on how to proceed? Or is the motherboard bricked and need replacing?

Thanks in advance :)