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Thread: ASUS Z97 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

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    Default ASUS Z97 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    This thread is for the official support of the ASUS Z97 motherboard series.

    Lots of feature changes over the older platforms - from software, UEFI and aesthetics.

    Motherboard Info

    A comparison table containing all ASUS Z97 motherboard features can be found here: Build On Incredible With ASUS Z97

    Key Features For ASUS 9 Series Motherboards

    New UEFI Features

    EZ Setup Screen - One-stop location for simple system setup..

    The EZ mode screen allows quick setup of storage BOOT priority, XMP for memory, RAID, overclocking presets via wizards, system time, fan control and many more features.

    Fan Controls are now far more intuitive with a graphical interface for setting the fan slope with 3 control points (more than enough to configure any fan) in manual mode as well as 4 preset modes. Full PWM and DC support is present on EVERY fan header across all ASUS Z97 motherboards from the Z97-A to Deluxe, ROG and of course the TUF series.

    We've also introduced the ability to map each fan to various temperature sensors on the board instead of having all system fans react to the CPU temp only. For example, the chassis inlet fans can be mapped to PCH temperature which allows the fans to react to temperature changes in that region - GPU environment temperatures for example.

    A fan calibration routine has also been added to UEFI advanced mode. The calibration routine determines the minimum rotational speed of each fan and then sets the fan slope minimum value accordingly.

    With these features, users can enjoy comprehensive fan control with any operating system as no software is required (although we still have Fan Xpert 3 in Windows - more on that later).

    Major Software Changes

    Graphically AI Suite 3 is the same as the Z87 series but there have been a lot of functionality refinements that take the software to the next level.

    5-Way Optimization - Auto Tuning (Mainstream and WS Only)

    Auto Tuning is an automated overclocking routine that tunes a system overclock for the end-user. We’ve had this feature for a few generations now and have been enhancing it year-on-year based upon end-user, media and our internal feedback.

    Auto tuning works by running a Prime based stress test on the system. Previously, there was no control over the duration of the stress test. We ran a quick 15 second test and then increased processor clock frequency in steps. For Z97, we've added the ability to set stress test duration up to 1 hour at each step (we can extend this further via an update). Plus we've added a memory stress test to the mix for more stringent overclock testing.

    Users can also target frequency or a temperature to tune to. Overall a far more comprehensive set of auto tuning parameters to help make overclocking easy for newcomers and help seasoned users evaluate the overclocking potential of a CPU effortlessly.

    Turbo App

    Turbo App is the 5th element of 5-Way Optimization. This nifty addition allows us to set dynamic overclocking profiles based upon the application being used.

    The advantage of this is two-fold:

    1) Overclocks no longer need to be limited by the hottest application we run on our system. Typically, we tune our maximum overclock to the hottest software we will run. With Turbo Ap, we can set higher overclocks for software/games that don’t load the CPU as heavily.

    2) The overclock is applied dynamically in real-time as we switch through applications – no need to enter UEFI to change the overclock preset or navigate via various GUIs changing configurations. Turbo App also contains LAN priority and audio presets which will change to our desired setting when the application is active.

    Turbo App is simple to use and setup and helps get the most out of each CPU.

    Fan Xpert 3

    While we have added a comprehensive set of fan control features in UEFI, there’s more on offer in Fan Xpert 3.

    i) Full fan calibration for each fan connected to the motherboard.

    ii) The ability to control fan spin up and spin down response.

    iii) Setting lower speeds for fans that can spin at low duty cycles.

    iv) Look up tables for each fan to show RPM versus power or duty cycle.

    v) Renaming of each fan for easy reference.

    With all of these options at our disposal, just about any fan con be configured to be quiet and react to system temperature changes. Between UEFI and Fan Xpert 3, the options on offer are the most comprehensive ever seen for motherboard fan control. In fact, there’s no reason to invest in a dedicated fan controller at all.

    Push Notice

    Push notice is an application that teams a mobile device such as a phone or tablet to the PC in order to send system event, sensor or user messages to the remote device. Once a device is paired to the app (requires client software – which is free to download and use) the alerts will work over a local network or via the internet. This means the messages will be received no matter where you are, provided internet access is available.

    System events such as configured restarts, system shutdown or sleep can be set and a message sent to the remote device at a user configured time before the event occurs.

    Power supply voltage and CPU package temp warnings can also be set to trigger an alert message to the paired remote device.

    Revised Audio deisgn (mainstream)

    Mainstream motherboard audio has been revised for 9 series – physically similar layout techniques to the ROG boards to prevent crosstalk.

    Other changes include a RTL circuit to prevent DC thump for all outputs while the Deluxe model gets a buffer amplifier to drive either the front headphone jack or rear output jack. The buffer is only needed when connecting hedphones with an impedance over 120 ohms or so to provide additional voltage gain and prevent excessive roll-off at frequency extremes.

    Product Page Links

    Z97-Deluxe : Motherboards - Z97-DELUXE(NFC & WLC)
    Z97-PRO : Motherboards - Z97-PRO
    Z97-A : Motherboards - Z97-A
    Maximus VII Hero : Motherboards - MAXIMUS VII HERO
    Maximus VII Gene : Motherboards - MAXIMUS VII GENE
    Z97 Sabertooth Mk.1 :Motherboards - SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 1


    5-Way Optimization User Guide

    More guides on their way!

    Latest UEFI Updates:


    Z97 Sabertooth Mk.1:



    Patch list:

    1. Update uCode for new Anniversary Edition CPU support.
    2. XMP DRAM frequency reset after load optimized defaults.
    3. Enhance security setting.
    4. Enhance compatibility for ASUS ThunderboltEX II series cards.
    5. Enhance stability for OC profile function.
    6. Enhance legacy storage support for the RAID wizard in EZ Tuning Wizard function.
    7. Change “Next Boot after AC Power Loss” setting to speed up PC boot time.

    These builds will be up on the support site shortly.
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    Default Re: ASUS Z97 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    Must not be a lot of Z97 owners
    Asus Maximus Hero VII, Diamond R9 290X (ref with G10), Corsair H100i, Corsair 750D, Seasonic Platinum 860W, 2 Intel 520 120Gb SSD RAID0 (boot+games) 2 OCZ Solid 3 60gb SSD RAID0, 2 WD Caviar Black 500Gb SATAIII

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    Default Re: ASUS Z97 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    I built a new system about a month ago with an Asus Z97-E motherboard. I'm really diggin' my new PC. It is without a doubt the fastest one I have ever built or owned for that matter. What I am not understanding is the new BIOS (UEFI). I want to dual boot Win 7 and Win 10. The problem is that either OS will work just fine on this machine. Only when set up to dual boot, Win 7 will boot to the login screen and my mouse and keyboard are as dead as doornails. Windows 10 boots like it ought to.

    If this is the correct way and right place to enlist help with my problem, I can go into more detail. Perhaps someone else has set a machine similar to mine for dual boot Win 10 and 7. I have each OS on identical solid state drives. I sure could use and really would appreciate any and all help.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: ASUS Z97 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    could you send me a backup copy of your bios? I have updated to version 2.10 and now it does not start. I have a programmer and with the bios that I download from the asrock page I can not revive it.

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    Default Re: ASUS Z97 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    In today's date most of the people they used more branded motherboard. If you used it then you know how it is. Basically, I used ASUS Z97 motherboard. It was great but I faced a problem with it. The problem is I faced for this motherboard my personal computer is so heating. And if you want to gather the solution then follow the site, which I suggest. Xerox printer support

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    Default Looking for modded BIOS to support NVME on GA-Z97X-UD5h-BK

    As per title - Looking for modded BIOS to support NVME speeds, such as Samsung EVO 970, on GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK?

    Any ideas anyone?

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    Default Fedora hangs while booting

    Fedora hangs while boot, complaining about the hard drives not responding to some query. Is this a known bug? How do I get around it?

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