i recently modified some bios params (CSM and other) as i've doing frequently, but this time after saving changes and rebooting it was brick,

no POST, no logo, nothing, just a black screen,

i've been searching for this issue and it seems it's a bios bug in some asus laptops,

the solution it to recover bios using the <ctrl><home> <switch on> procedure with a pen drive containing bios and some additional files in order to reflash it,

doing this the pen drive flashes indicating it's reading but does no recover bios,

the question is: which files must the usb pen drive contain to perform a bios recovery?

asus tech support will not provide any information about this and i've been asking hem explicitly for several times...

i've tried many combinations including latest bios for asus site, bios files from recover partition, amiboot.rom, etc, etc.

thanks in advance,