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Thread: ASUS Laptop mouse continuously clicking at bottom right screen

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    Default ASUS Laptop mouse continuously clicking at bottom right screen


    I bought an ASUS laptop ~1.5 years ago. I have been very happy with it, but recently I have been having issues that are making me want to switch to another dealer.
    I have an i7 laptop, 15.5 inch screen I think.

    Recently, (the last 1-2 months), my mouse has been almost continuously clicking at the bottom right-hand screen which constantly opens up the clock displayed at the bottom right. The mouse keeps flashing, and sometimes it seems to duplicate itself. One is stuck in the bottom right and the other only blinks and flashes when I move it. I'm sure you guys would understand how this would make me want to pull my hair out. Right now, I am on a different computer because I literally cannot type anything on my laptop. Every time I click somewhere to type, the mouse reappears in bottom right-hand corner, blinking and clicking on the icons in the bottom right.

    Please someone restore my trust in ASUS to make quality laptops.

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    Default Re: ASUS Laptop mouse continuously clicking at bottom right screen

    Are you referring to the mouse pointer controlled by the "mouse pad" on your laptop? That you use your finger to move the mouse pointer around the screen?

    If so, mouse pads like that can wear out or be damaged and cause strange behavior as you described.

    Have you tried connecting a standard mouse to that laptop and see how it functions?

    You may be using a standard mouse now, but that is not at all clear from your post.

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