Hello, I own an Asus S200E laptop (i3-3217u); I replaced the skanky hdd with a Samsung 840 EVO SSD, enabled eDrive support for the drive from samsung utility, secure-erased the drive and fresh installed windows 8.1 onto it, along with all needed drivers; now my ssd is eDrive enabled, but whenever I try to enable bitlocker, it reverts to software encryption, there's no way to let bitlocker use hardware encryption; I'm going total nuts on this, firmware is on latest revision, secure boot enabled, CSM module disabled, opal mode on the drive is running fine, but bitlocker doesn't lock the drive using eDrive.

The very same SSD works flawlessy in all my other machines.

Any help would be really appreciated, as well as some hints on how to debug this situation; something like bitlocker logs while trying to activate; I don't know where to search.

Thank you in advance.