Ok i don't even know if this is the right place to ask but maybe someone knows the solution for something that's going on for some weeks now.
I play games casually (CS:GO mostly), and i encountered a hard problem.
When my laptop is plugged in i will get on the game play for 1 or 2 mins then it's like something crashes and i get from 150+ fps to 30-40. If i start the game unplugged with battery it runs smooth without any issue but i cant play on battery forever. Already tried removing battery playing only with the cord. I tried literally everything, using a universal charger to see if the charger was the problem but nothing. Checked temps theyre fine, nvidia control panel, power options and stuff.
A friend of mine told me that maybe while im ingame my integrated Intel GPU takes charge and thats why it slows down but i cant figure it out. I checked optimus and it still says that nvidia runs the game.
My laptop is an ASUS X550LN 8gbram, i7 ,and nvidia geforce 840m.
I would appreciate it if someone could help me with this cuz i think i slowly lose my peace of mind.