hello, just bought Asus Z97-Pro and ran into some funny BIOS behaviours. BIOS is the latest version 2012

1. the Last Modified button in Advanced Mode

if I haven't modify anything and click it, the BIOS will freeze/crash (sometimes I can see a coloured bar above with 8192 MB written on it, my RAM capacity I reckon) and nothing can be done except hard reset the computer. if I have changed something, it sure works, showing whatever I just changed. my question is, what is this? is this normal? why freeze? why not showing a message: "nothing has been modified yet, Ok" or empty box, or doesn't do anything rather than freeze the entire computer?

should I be worry? is it the hardware? RMA then? or just it's a BIOS problem, not perfect yet, despite the fact it's the latest version. then should I try reinstall the BIOS and see? or roll back to previous version maybe? what version then is best? or this is a persisted problem throughout all BIOS version and haven't been fixed yet since. then I should just avoid clicking that. though it sure feels awkward there's one button of death there

will this freezing break the mobo? or is it the RAM maybe? I use Corsair Vengeance Pro CMY8GX3M2A1600C9A. it's not in the QVL, I know, but the store guy said it'll work fine. maybe the CPU? it's i5-4690k. the GPU? MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G. anything else you wanna know? 2 SATA HDDs, 1 DVD-RW

2. the Q-Fan Control is not right

I only use one 3-pins DeepCool blue LED fan attached on the CHA_FAN4 connector. it should be DC then on the Q-Fan Control, right? if I select Silent, the actual working profile is Turbo looking at the fan speed, and when I return to the Q-Fan Control screen, the Turbo got selected. on the contrary, if I select the Turbo, the working profile is actually Silent, and when I return to the Q-Fan Control screen, the Silent got selected. in other words: the Silent and Turbo profiles got switched! this is BIOS problem, right? not my fan?

also, if I select Full Speed, then afterwards, I select other profile, the fan speed won't go down reflecting whatever other profile I selected. it stuck at full speed. this is fixable by Load Optimal Default Setting (F5). this is not a major problem compared to that Last Modified freezing

3. last question, after shutdown, the LED on keyboard and mouse still light up until I pull the power cord completely from the electrical socket. so, this is... normal behaviour, right? not mobo defect or something. will not break my keyboard & mouse

do these happen to you guys too who own the same mobo or at least same Asus Z97 series, especially that Load Modified freeze? plz tell me, what will happen if you click it without having change anything. what's the supposed normal reaction there? not freezing, right?

I hope this is a good buy and I won't be disappointed. if it just BIOS problem, I don't mind, I reckon there will be more update on that in the future, but if it's hardware, or it'll break hardwares, ouch