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Thread: Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 Intel 82579V Gbit LAN Firmware Update Guide

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    Exclamation Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 Intel 82579V Gbit LAN Firmware Update Guide


    Here are instructions to update the Intel 82579V Gbit firmware to v1.5. The latest 3703 BIOS comes with v1.3. Also, the normal Asus BIOS update methods do not update the Gbe region. This is targeted and tested for the Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3, but it *should* work for other Asus desktop motherboards with the Intel 82579V network card.

    Needed Files:

    Intel LAN Gbe v1.5 Firmware - GBE15ModKit_DOS_Asus_Z68


    1) Create a FAT32 MS-DOS bootable flash drive with Rufus.

    2) Uninstall your Intel 82579V network drivers. I would download the latest version and keep on local computer in case Windows does not have a built-in driver.

    2) Copy contents of the to the root of the flash drive. Then boot up from the flash drive. (Much safer to update via DOS, compared to within Windows.)

    3) Type "gberefl" and then Enter. (This command will automatically backup your BIOS, copy your MAC address and then update only the Gbe region. Your MAC address will be retained.)

    4) Type "poweroff" and then Enter.

    5) Installed latest driver for the Intel NIC.

    That's it! Easy huh?

    Thanks to CodeRush at [H] for all of the valuable information.

    Additional Information about the gberefl comand:

    Flashing GbE region only. Command: gberefl. The BIOS file to flash must be named "bios.bin" and must be in the same directory with FTK. You can use a file from another board as GbE source.
    Use it to reflash/update/downgrade your GbE region.
    The command works as follows: Intel FPT makes BIOS backup copy named backup.bin. Then FD44Copier copies MAC to bios.bin file. Then it removes CAP-file header (if present) from bios.bin file. Then FPT erases GbE region and flashes GbE region from bios.bin file to BIOS chip. If something goes wrong, the error message will be shown. If so, you can use restore command to restore your BIOS to previous state.
    Again, no need to use anything special, normal reset is enough.
    - I used BIOS v2104 for the Asus P8Z77-V-PRO, which includes Intel Gbe v1.5. This is the bios.bin inside the that I created. Once again, works perfectly on my Asus Z68 board since we are just extracting and updating the Gbe region of the BIOS.
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    Default Re: Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 Intel 82579V Gbit LAN Firmware Update Guide


    Can you please help me, I have similar actions to do and got in trouble.

    ASUS P8Z77-V PRO
    Intel 82579V NIC

    I accidentally flashed eeprom with wrong file from 82574L adapter.
    Flashed imagefile.eep imagefile for Intel 82574L with eepupdate command.

    82579V(my) -> 82574L(wrong)

    So now my controller is shown as 82574L and doesnt work.
    Ive got from one good man with same MB dump of eeprom.

    It said - flashed successfully, but all stayed the same.

    I have the same errors as before:

    And my lan adapter is still recognized as wrong one:82574L(wrong) 82579V(my)

    One more strange thing:
    When I do /dump from NICs eeprom it gives me file with only FFFF FFFF... So i think its blank.. How its possible?

    Could you please point in what direction should I move?!


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