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Thread: Triple monitors on an Asus system with Windows 8

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    Default Triple monitors on an Asus system with Windows 8

    Have had it for about 12 months on the Asus Maximus Hero V1 motherboard and a Sapphire AMD graphics card and it ran pretty good and was easy to set up ( comfortable with AMD cards and their setups ). Decided to do a clean installation of Windows 8 after buying an Asus GTX980 graphics card.

    Now I have mananged to get the tri-monitor setup working but its different to AMD with the icons on the bottom left taskbar duplicated on all 3 screens.......can drag screens from one monitor to another, have them 1/2 on one and the the other but the windows tiles only open on the monitor I select.......can be any but not across all 3 like with the previous version.

    Is this the way it runs on Nvidia systems ? Any way to change this ?
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    Default Re: Triple monitors on an Asus system with Windows 8

    all fixed.......why they dont have it all under setup multiple monitors has me stuffed ....but its in the 3d settings in configure Surround etc. Also in the menu at the top under Desktop..Surround displays...maximise all windows across 3 different menus areas

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