So a while a go i tried to change some settings in bios , ive changed it hundred times and nothing like this happends. Basically i just changed bios to default , changed the bios boot options like priority and things like that ... And than suddenly i couldn't turn my LAPTOP on it was bricked .
It doesnt show anything up on screen . I tried to remove cmos battery and to remove , replace , test everything else ( ram , hard , monitor ) ... it didnt work.

I wanted to buy a new bios chip but i cant get/find it in my country ( Serbia ) so that is an issue.

Now my question is how to perform a bios recovery on this laptop (k55vd) , i looked it up and it said something about downloading files and renaming them (.411 to .bin)
home + ctrl . I did that , didnt work . I'm open to suggestions whatever needs to be done because am stuck so i need help . I will be thankful for all the help you guys give me !