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Thread: Will ASUS P5W DH Deluxe w/ latest BIOS support Windows 7 64-bit?

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    Default Re: Will ASUS P5W DH Deluxe w/ latest BIOS support Windows 7 64-bit?

    Here's a link that describes the 3GB problem:
    Ask Dan: What's with the 3Gb memory barrier?

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    Default Re: Will ASUS P5W DH Deluxe w/ latest BIOS support Windows 7 64-bit?

    Thanks for the info. Sorry for the delay, I got sidetracked by that pesky work thing! :)
    At any rate, in the meantime I just noticed that the two device manager driver errors have disappeared by themselves! I wonder if Windows resolved it on its own after a few more reboots? Interesting.

    I also found that if I plug in both USB connectors on the external ASUS DVD drive, it will now mount. Someone told me that on some systems these drives will require extra power so you need to plug in both USB's. I never had to do that before I upgraded to Win7, so I never even had paid attention to that extra second USB hanging off the end... in fact, I had assumed it was to daisy chain another device or something!

    I will continue to look into the physical memory issue when I get a chance next week. Just wanted to check in again in the meantime and thank you for your advice!

    Quote Originally Posted by profJim View Post
    The InfInst should be run once the o/s installation has been completed and before you install other drivers.

    Other devices, Mfg: unkown, Location: on Intel(R) 82801GB/GR (ICH7 Family) LPC Interface Controller - 27B8)
    This entry might be fixed by running the InfInst program.
    I'll save you some steps, go to where you will download the infinst_autol.exe file and run it on your system.

    A web search using: Akamai NetSession Interface provides information about the program.
    It sounds like the uninstall was not complete and left the startup link in the windows startup folder.
    You can use cCleaner freeware to delete the Akamai entry buy clicking on Tools and if there is an entry for Akamai, click on the Akami entry and then click on the Run Uninstaller button in the upper right corner. If the Run Uninstaller does not work, just click on the Delete Entry button for the Akamai entry and close cCleaner.

    The RTL8187_Wireless entry is for your Wi-Fi and the driver needs to be installed only if you want to use the Wi-Fi feature.
    A web search using: rtl8187 wireless provides links for downloading the driver.
    The Realtek information link is at Realtek and the download links is at the bottom of the page: Realtek and you can download the UI Package and Driver (Support XP/Vista/Win7).
    If you don't want or need to use the Wi-Fi feature disable it in the bios.

    A web search using: Intel(R) 82801GB/GR (ICH7 Family) LPC Interface Controller - 27B8 provides several links, including
    Intel(R) 82801GB/GR (ICH7 Family) LPC Interface - Microsoft Community

    See if one of the solutions in the second post clears up this error.

    The hardware reserved memory in your screen-shot shows that 897MB of memory is unavailable for use.
    The normal procedure for fixing this to change the bios setting that deals with memory remapping.
    I checked your motherboard user manual and I couldn't find this option in your bios.
    A web search using: asus p5w dh deluxe hardware reserved memory provides additional information, including:
    The information in the attached picture might help.
    1. Run msconfig from the windows run menu.
    2. Click on the Boot tab.
    3. Click on Advanced options.
    4. Post a screen-shot similar to mine so that I can see what your current setting is.

    DVD Problems:
    The Pioneer might be dirty inside and spraying with a can of compressed air while the dvd tray is open and empty might help.
    It's possible that the Pioneer dvd is old and tired and might only work with dvd's that are burned at the "factory".

    ASUS DVD drive: After you have performed all of these fixes, if the Asus dvd still doesn't work, post a screen-shot of the error details for this drive.

    Post detailed information about each of your memory modules including:
    • manufacturer's name
    • size of each module (GB)
    • memory model names or part numbers
    • which memory slots is each module installed in

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