Hi, everyone. I'm new to this website and I hope I will be able to receive useful information other than being told I have to pay more than half the initial cost of the laptop to fix this very innocuous issue.

I wasn't really paying attention to the side of the laptop, so when I reached to insert my headphone jack into the designated port, I accidentally pressed it into the USB port right next to it. This instantly triggered the laptop to shut down and it will not turn back on, no matter what I do. I have tried holding it down, I tried holding shift and hitting the f8 key repeatedly, but none of it seems to be working. I also tried unscrewing the laptops back, but the batteries were so securely placed that I didn't want to mess with it. The laptop's battery light will also not turn on if I plug in the power cord.

Please help!
I don't want to pay all this money for such a innocent mistake.

Thank you.