Have had my Chillblast Fusion for 4 yrs now, with a recurring problem that reappears every few weeks. The PC automatically reboots, and then hangs at Windows. If however I go into the bios at boot-up, and enter Advanced Settings, change nothing but Save and Exit - then all is fine.

The PC runs Falcon maxed out very well, and I've never had a BSOD or any problem once running. Key OC parameters set by Chillblast:

BCLK: 103
By All Cores : 46
Voltage Offset + 0.150

I'm a total OC newbie, so have only changed the multiplier/voltage offset slightly as per suggestions from Chillblast when it was in warranty - didn't seem to have much effect. However, the reboot problem seems to be getting worse now... Anyone any ideas?

(DDR 1600 - 8gB, Corsair 750W PSU)