I've been given an old ASUS Eee 1000H for my granddaughter to use. Wonderful I thought as I wish I'd never let my old one go. I've now got two ASUS laptops so I appreciate ASUS technology. Better than the Dell laptops we get at work.

Anyway on to my problem. It sticks at the Eee PC screen - F2 to setup TAB to display POST. Neither key works and it will sit there for hours.

Tried resetting CMOS (I think) by holding the off button while powered off. Not sure tis was correct but saw it in a forum.

Next was to try and reflash the BIOS. I can get to the EZ-Flash page but it sticks at Checking for USB device. I have tried all three USB ports and none work.

Tried two USB sticks. An 8GB one and an older 1GB one. Each was given an MSDOS partition table and an 128MB FAT-16 primary partition and had the ROM loaded. Seems the USB is not recognised at all, not even looking for the ROM.

What should I try now?