I have the i5-6600k and I have come up with a serious issue to me that makes me unable to play a lot of older games that I love. This is due to a security thing called securom that apparently has issues with the new Skylake processors and is not supported by windows 10. Knowing its not supported by windows 10, I now have a dual boot system with windows 7 installed. Even on windows 7 the games wont play beacause of this securom issue. I get error code 8016. Have tried running in compatibility mode, nothing. I now am concluding that the issue lies with my CPU. I know gigabyte has addressed this issue with a bios update that fixes the problem so these games run on the new CPUs. But I have the Maximus VIII hero and asus does NOT have a fix for this, and I am very frustrated. I am just asking if anyone has any solutions to this at all, if you are familiar with this problem. Thank you.