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Thread: Bugs in Z170-A and BIOS?

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    Default Bugs in Z170-A and BIOS?

    Hey Guys,
    I recently upgraded to Skylake platform.
    I got an ASUS Z-170-A Motherboard.

    I upgraded BIOS, first to Version 1203, then to Version 1302

    Problem 1
    I have a Samsung 950 Pro NVMe installed in the M.2 Port
    So after reading the manual, I thought i have to set "Onboard Devices Config. -> M.2 and SATA Express Mode Config -> To value "M.2". But the board does not save this option. If I reboot, the option resets itself to value "SATA EXpress". Other users have this problem, too.

    Maybe I got it wrong? What do I set here? Is this the config to set, which port I want to use in the first place, since it's "shared"? Or do I set, which of the Ports (M.2 or SATAEx) uses the SATA protocoll instead of PCIe?
    Since there is the 950 Pro SSD installed in M.2 Port that does not support SATA mode, it would be correct that I cant set this value to M.2. So does this value assign the "SATA Mode" to either one of the two ports?

    I hope you understand what I mean.

    Problem 2
    Second thing: the 4-Pin Waterpump connector "W_PUMP" does not deliver full performance. If i connect the pump of an Corsair H75 to it, the fan has to run at almost 2000 rpm to cool my processor ([email protected]) under 100% load. If I connect the Waterpump to an 4 pin Molex adapter (12V), the fan reduces its rpm to 1100. The BIOS is set to "Water Pump Control" -> Disabled", since i want the pump at full speed (the pump is silent) so the fan does not have to spin that fast (fans are louder than pumps). How can I solve this?

    Problem 3
    And third: ASPM
    Manual says, Native ASPM -> Enable "Windows Vista OS controls the ASPM support." What? Vista? What does Windows 10 do if I enable this option?
    So what do I have to set, to use ASPM for Graphics card in PCIex16 Slot and the PCIe M.2 SSD?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Bugs in Z170-A and BIOS?

    Propably this Board should be renamed to "NO Tech Support from Vendors" ?

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