Asus Z97-P , bios 2803 (last one)

Antec power trio 430 W

Opensuse 13.1 x86_64
kernel 3.11.10
printer-scanner HP 1220 usb
silitech usb keyboard
logitech usb mouse

with my old asus M2N no pb with my printer-scanner

since i upgraded to Z97-P i "get communication error device"

i can print .

i can't scan . the app find the scanner but when running a scan it says "waiting for scanner starting"

sometime my keyboard and mouse are suddenly disabled during a kde session but not the desktop environment .

one time my keyboard and mouse before bios session wer enabled then after several seconds during bios session were disabled

not often but regularly sometime when rebooting during bios start (it says keyboard not detected) and linux start keyboard and mouse are disabled then enabled when linux start is finished.

i know there is something new with the MB : USB 3.0 . i wonder if it is the pb .

in bios usb settings there are 3 parameters about bios

Legacy USB support (Enabled) : Enabled | Disabled

Intel xHCI mode (Smart auto) : Smart auto | auto | Enabled | Disabled

EHCI Hand-off (Disabled) : Enabled | Disabled

what are the best usb settings according to resolve my problems ?