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Thread: Upgrade RAM on G11CD system assistance

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    Default Upgrade RAM on G11CD system assistance

    I purchased an Asus G11CD system. The system has 2 RAM slots. One came populated with 8GB RAM. The system specification page ( says "4 GB Up to 32 GB" RAM. I purchased a 16GB RAM stick. The stick shows up in the BIOS when you look at details on each of the RAM chips installed. However, on the main BIOS page, it still only says 8GB RAM. The OS (Windows 10) also only sees 8GB RAM. How can I make the BIOS use the full 24GB of RAM? I'm not sure what the limiting factor is. The RAM that I installed is recognized by the BIOS but not used. Does the system have some custom BIOS that prevents greater than 32GB depending on what it shipped with? Any assistance is appreciated.


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    Default Re: Upgrade RAM on G11CD system assistance

    Sorry Steve but the documentation is a joke. I can't see the BIOS/UEFI in the manual.

    There's a lot to memory, if you ever look at a motherboard memory QVL you will see that it's all matched pairs, and this is for a reason. When running Dual channel it's very important that the memory is purchased in a kit because of memory timmings.

    Your chipset is for 2133MHz, you didn't list the model numbers of the memory so it's hard to say. I don't even see a memory QVL for your system.

    If I were you I would remove the 8g and test the 16 alone in the A1 slot an run a mem test, it's up to you if you want to try and place in the 8 in the second slot, but really when you get memory, buy it in a kit, the worst thing to do is mix up memory because it can cause problems with the controller.

    If the system doesn't see the 16 when it's alone or has problems, send Asus a support ticket and let them know, maybe they'll mod a BIOS/UEFI for you. You can also try opening MSCONFIG and go to boot tab and then advanced options and check to make sure that the max memory box is not checked, and like I said I can't see your UEFI so I don't know what you have for mem options in it.
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    Default Re: Upgrade RAM on G11CD system assistance

    I have the exact same system and have gone through the same process thus far. I have not yet tried running the 16GB RAM by itself in slot #1, but I will do so tonight when I get home. Curious though ... did the original poster on this thread ever get a resolution? ASUS recommended updating their BIOS, but I hesitate to do so until I've tried other remedies.

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