At this point I'm not sure if this is a motherboard, APU or driver problem, but I can't seem to figure this out and I've tried pretty much everything I could think of to troubleshoot this.

I have a separate dedicated graphics card (ASUS Strix Radeon R9 380) and wanted to try using them both together. Connected 1 monitor to the DVI out on the motherboard and one to the DVI out on the graphics card. The display connected to the motherboard had corrupted graphics as shown here: The display connected to the graphics card had no problems at all. Here is what I tried in order to troubleshoot this:

- Uninstalled the and reinstalled the AMD driver
- Uninstalled the AMD beta driver and installed the current stable driver
- Uninstalled the AMD driver altogether (display shows up perfectly fine without the AMD driver installed)
- Checked power connections
- Tried both DVI ports and HDMI ports and with different cables
- Tried different monitors
- Tried various settings in the AMD control center, tried different refresh rates/resolutions
- Reset BIOS to defaults
- Removed the Asus graphics card (tried running with only the APU)
- Swapped RAM with completely different RAM
- Formatted and did a clean install of windows (again works totally fine with the built in windows drivers)
- Installed the stable AMD driver after clean installing windows again (now the problem is back)
- Upgraded BIOS

I'm not certain it's a problem with the AMD drivers as I can't seem to find anyone else having the same issue. I'm leaning towards it being a hardware issue, probably the APU itself or the motherboard. Wanted to see if anyone has any other ideas before I RMA either. Hoping it's something simple that's an easy fix.