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Thread: No display output for M52BC-US005S

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    Default No display output for M52BC-US005S

    I bought a new M52BC-US005S Wednesday. It was delivered Friday. Yesterday, Saturday, I tried to hook it up. I get nothing from the display adapter.

    I am not trying to criticize or complain, I am only asking in case someone has something relevant and useful. I will try calling ASUS tomorrow, Monday. ASUS support today were unable to help.

    The system has a DVI, HDMI and VGA connector. I have tried multiple monitors and I have tried DVI, HDMI and VGA connections. I get nothing from the system.

    Is there nothing more I can do, other than contacting ASUS? Am I correct that it is likely a defective system and that I will likely need to return the system? I am hoping someone has an easier solution to the problem.

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    Default Re: No display output for M52BC-US005S

    I was hoping someone would suggest that I open it up and check if the video card is loose. As it happens, that probably would not have helped anyway.

    My suggestion is that if someone does not get help on the weekend then wait until Monday. The weekend staff did not help me much. They did at least create a case for me with the description of the problem.

    I submitted an online request for assistance on Sunday. Late Sunday (Monday in China?) I got a reply from China. I performed the steps they described and that did not solve the problem. They said that if that happens then get a RMA.

    I returned it for repair Wednesday February 5. They received it Friday February 7. I got it back today, February 12. The repair summary says:

    Symptom: POWER ERROR

    Apparently that is the M5A97 EVO R2.0 | Motherboard.

    One problem is that the support staff does not have a picture of this specific model. The first support person I spoke with tried to help but she thought there were two display ports for it. Apparently some M52BC submodels have two display ports but this one does not. So it would help for ASUS to provide separate pictures of each submodel, including the back.

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