Am looking for any help I can get regarding configuring above ADVANCED BIOS settings. BACKGROUND: Have built a new desktop computer with stated MB using latest tech components such as DDR4 memory, intel 5960X cpu, intel 750 pcie HD, and EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti gpu with Asus ROG Swift PG279Q monitor. Best I can tell, all these major components are NVMe supported and compatible. Have loaded Win 10 Pro OS. No application software has been loaded as of yet. PROBLEM: If I have installed these components correctly (and I believe I have) I think this build should boot very, very quickly, but at this point do not think it reflects that expected speed. The only thing I have no knowledge or confidence about is the Asus Bios 2101 that is loaded. I want to tweak the advanced settings with the objective of making this build perform speedily and as expected. HOWVER: the thing I know least ( almost nothing) about is the terms used all thru this advanced bios, what they mean in many instances, and what options should be selected and set for my purposes OR disabled as necessary. The Asus manual provides only very minimal information with no explanation, usually just the default setting. So, bottom line is I am looking for someone(s) out there who are mucho knowledgeable about this particular BIOS which I am led to believe is pretty much used in all latest ASUS MB's ( but no certain by any means). I am not a gamer. My interest are more toward video editing, etc.; so gaming components generally meet my needs.What I would really like is for someone with the knowledge to just go thru the advanced bios settings per the order in the manual one by one providing explanation so can get some minimal understanding of what each is about; and recommended setting for my purposes as stated above. BUT, all help and comments are solicited.