Just trying to gather some views comments on the following scenario:

Asus 1225b motherboard needs replacing and exact part num. not available. It's an AMD C-60, USB2 etc. The motherboard provides most of the functionality (gpu, cpu, usb ports etc).

To the question and keeping it brief (for now), would you consider that it would be fine to replace the motherboard with whatever is available (but out of a model of the 1225b of course) even if the actual part no. is different ?

In asking that, it implies the presumption that all the other existing components (not on the mother board) would be compatible.
That does not seem an unreasonable presumption; e.g. it is unlikely the screen components were different across the different 1225b range (all had 11.1 Led's and so forth) as the models all looked the same in the range and it seems to be down to chipset, ram and usb etc...all that are onboard the motherboard.

Look forward to some views and some brief pointers on why technically the above may not be the case. In this broke so bin it world (rather than repair), I'd rather sort it as its in fine condition other than.

Thank you in advance for any interest.