I have an Asus P8H77-I and it is an Ivy Bridge motherboard.

Unfortunately, the BIOS has very little options, can someone unlock all the hidden options in it?

It would also be great If someone can MOD it so I can have max multiplier on all cores under load (My Core i5 3550 has x37 max multiplier, but only turbo to x35 on all cores) like my Gigabyte Mobo.

Would also appreciate if someone can improve RAM compatibility as it can only do DDR3 1600 and anything higher it would not POST (I have a verified working DDR3 3000 module from my Haswell Build that I tried to use on my Asus P8H77-I, but it won't POST anything higher than 1600. There is also only VCCSA option and I set that to max which is 1.0 but it didn't made any difference).

BIOS Dump using AFUWIN64(Aptio 4)
Zippyshare.com - afuwin(asus_p8h77-i_1102_DUMP).rar

Link to Asus stock BIOS from their website