Hello all

I has recently purchased the new Asus motherboard as my Gigabyte motherboard died :(
They are both Z97 chipset boards, but I cannot get the harddisk setup to work as they did on my Gigabyte motherboard.

The board is Asus Sabertooth Z97 MARK 2/USB 3.1, lateste bios version 2702.

Here is my HD setup.

1. Samsung 840 PRO SSD on channel 1 running Windows 10 64 and is boot disk.
2. WD Green 3TD on channel 2
3. WD Red 4TB on channel 3
4. WD RED 4TB on channel 4

I want to setup disk 3 and 4 in raid 1

Right now the controller is in AHCI mode.

If I try any raid setup via the different mode in the Asus bios (v2702) the system will not recognize my SSD and boot.

This setup worked fine on my Gigabyte boards.

Can anyone help?

I have tried to explain my issue with Asus support, but they cannot help.

Thank you