My girlfriend bought a laptop two days ago (specs are below). Basically the problem is that even though she can left click and right click completely fine, her laptop won't register any clicks if she does both at the same time. So it's like if you're playing an fps game, you can't aim down sights, etc. etc.

We've tried so many things, like download the latest drivers and tweak settings among others. Nothing else is wrong with the laptop except for this.

Model Number: K555UB
Processor: Intel i5-6200u
RAM: 12 GB
Graphics card: NVIDIA GT940M
Graphics memory: 2 GB
HDD Capacity: 1 TB
OS: Windows 10

She has the latest ATK and Smart Gesture drivers but I've also noticed that the driver on her touchpad says 'msmouse'. Not sure if that that has anything to do with it. But really need help.