I can no longer get into the BIOS on my Asus P8Z77V Deluxe MB. I am running 8.1, and have never had a problem getting into the BIOS with DEL at boot.

DEL won't work, nor will F2 or F8. It goes straight to windows boot. I have not done anything I am aware of. Certainly not anything that ought to block BIOS access. It has worked fine for years. Same hardware and no new windows version. Keyboard is an OmniKey/Ultra and goes to a PS2 connector; not USB. I have hibernate and fast boot disabled.

This is going to be a major problem. I am unable to boot using my recovery thumb drive from Macrium. Reflect. I probably had the BIOS set not to look for it. MS restore does the usual thing - doesn't work.

I am sufficiently paranoid to wonder if MS has slipped something into an update to enable secure boot to "prepare" for win 10. I don't know if that could actually cause this sort of thing. I think that even if it was set, it would still react to DEL at boot; just ask for a password I don't have.

Any ideas of how to fix this or figure out why it is happening?