I just want t report that I am very disappointed in Asus warrant support. My Asus Chromebook Flip is within the warrantly period. I have started to have a problem with the screen occassionally going black on and off for a second or two at a time and then returning to normal. After working with Chat support, I was told to send it in. I used FedEx. Upon receiving it Asus notified me the computer had arrived damaged and I would need to pay $210 for them to continue. They said the keyboard, screen and case were damaged. I let them send it back. There is a teensy, tiny scratch on the right corner of the case. So small I had not even noticed it.. My warranty issue is with the screen going black and I cannnot see how this teensy, tiny scratch could possibly affect the screen going black on and off but it was apparently enough for them to not even look at the real problem I was having. There is nothing wrong with the keyboard or any of the other things they listed. I am very disappointed in Asus. I love my Chromebook Flip but may have to reconsider what I buy when the screen gives out on me completely.