Well just built a new system with Strix X99 ( intel 6800, Gigabyte G1 1080, 323gig Corsair Dominator Ram & a M.2 Samsung 950 Pro drive ). Had it working nicely and after installing the Asus software ( aura the last one ) the system crashed with a blue screen. Hell of a time after that...with heaps of blue screens and finally did a restore and then it wouldnt boot because it changed the bootable drive . Removed all SSDs and it booted ok.....still wasnt happy so ended up doing a clean reinstallation of Win10 and am typing this now on it. I dont know even if its worth while putting on the Asus drivers .

Question...is it worth doing a BIOS upgrade ? The problem is with last installation and this one is that the boot is so slow..........so much slower then my old system. Any clues on how to fix this ? Would a BIOS upgrade fix it ?