Hi All I hope someone can help. I have an Asus s200e that had been running windows 10 for sometime. I'm gifting the laptop and decided to put a clean install of the latest windows 10 version. Since then the notebook keyboard is putting out spurious text ( e.g if I press w it initiates the w,3,4,f3 and f3 keys simultaneously). I've run the asus pc diagnostics and can see some keys don't respond at all and some work and many initiate 3 or 4 keys together.
Things I've tried so far:

  1. Checked the key board mapping is correct.
  2. Checked a usb connected keyboard which works ok
  3. Checked the on screen keyboard which works ok
  4. Booted up in safe mode keyboard remains not working
  5. Installed the most recent keyboard drivers and checked they were ok
  6. I've uninstalled keyboard and mouse drivers and rebooted
  7. Checked out the potential numlock key issue
  8. Ran the windows troubleshooter which returned no issues
  9. Switched off the filter keys etc in settings- ease of access
  10. Turned off fast start in power options
  11. Removed Synaptics (there was another post referring to something similar so just in case)
  12. Removed the back of the laptop to check the keyboard connection was seated ok
  13. Completely re -installed windows 10 anniversary version

Hope you can help, thanks