So i built my new pc a few days ago it was running ok, i install all my games, drivers and so on. I play on my new pc for a day and then all of a sudden i boot my pc one day and it has a super slow boot (about 10 mins) it used to be under 1 min before. I decided to do i bios update so i pressed Del to get into my bios and it took about 10 mins to get into the bios. It would let me navigate the bios for about anywhere between 2 to 10 seconds and then freeze for about 2 mins over and over again. when it finally loads and gets to the login screen its totally fine runs smooth i have done tests on my pc my ssd is running at full speed my hdd is too. (windows is on my ssd) . I did manage to update my bios but it is still the same

On a issue that may be related to the problem or help fix this problem. When i first built my pc i ran it and 2 of my 3 monitors were on and usable but my third is just on standby. and every time i boot my pc i have to go to device manager and uninstall all my gpu drivers then reboot my pc to get my 3rd monitor to work.

This pc was a new build apart from my case,ssd,hdd and graphics card.