For the Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3, I have modified the official 3802 with the UBU v1.63.3.1 tool.

Fully tested by flashing myself using the 'Asus EZ Flash 2' utility which is built-in to the BIOS. Be sure to reset to optimized defaults (F5) after flashing, Save and Quit. Power off computer for 10 seconds, power back on and then go back into the BIOS to re-configure everything.

Download modified 3802 v2 BIOS from HERE.

OROM Versions:

Intel IRST RAID/SATA OROM: (v12.x is optimized and designed for Intel 6 series chipset. IE: Better performance and stability for Z68 motherboard.)

Intel VBIOS OROM: 2171 (Updated it the proper way via this method)

Intel LAN OROM: 1.5.62

Marvell SATA OROM/EFI: /

JMicron SATA OROM: 1.07.28

Intel CPU MicroCode: (Note: Only enough space for the mainstream processors. Thus DO NOT FLASH to this BIOS if you are using a Nahalem or a MOBILE Ivy Bridge/SandyBridge processor. Naturally, MAJORITY of you are not effected.)

Ivy Bridge CPUID 0306A9 = 1C
SandyBridge CPUID 0206A7 = 29

Matching Drivers:

- Be sure to match with latest Intel RST v12.x driver. Currently it is v12.9.4.1000 WHQL. LINK. If drives are in AHCI mode, then no need to install the bloat RST software. Just install drivers only (typically in the F6 folder) via Device Manager. More info here.

- Use latest Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) driver. Currently it is v11.0.6.1194. LINK. v11.0.x is newest supported by our 6-Series boards.

Other Updates:

- Update the MEI firmware, *may* need to be re-applied after every BIOS flash. (I did not need to update this again with 3802 Mod 2 BIOS. Latest firmware is currently v8.1.65.1586, found here. Before flashing the firmware, you will need to have the MEI driver installed FIRST so that it can communicate properly.

- Update the Intel 82579V LAN Gbe firmware. Instructions here. This just needs to be updated once, since Asus EZ Flash 2 does not update the Gbe region in the BIOS chip. This should fix any weird network connectivity issues or disconnections/stability issues with large file transfers.

- Update the ASMedia 104x USB 3.0 firmware. Instructions here. This has greatly increased USB 3.0 stability for me. I used to have numerous problems with my system crashing/freezing when plugging in certain USB 3 devices to my front USB 3.0 ports. Updating firmware made it totally stable/reliable! Be sure to match with latest ASMedia 104x drivers, which is currently v1.16.38.1. Latest drivers can be found here.

Latest drivers/firmware can typically be found here.