I'm running the ASUS M3A76-CM motherboard with an AMD 64 Athlon processor--8 Gb of RAM.

Recently I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7, and now have a cold-booting problem. When I do a complete shutdown, and try to boot up at another time, the first press of the Startup button on my tower freezes at the Setup screen. A hard shutdown, and repeat start, gets past the Setup, but fails to bring up the "Loading Asus Expressgate" message and then freezes during Windows startup. If I do a second hard shutdown and start a third time, it finally brings up the "Loading Asus Expressgate" message and bootup continues normally. Very annoying. Any suggestions of why this is happening and how I can fix it. Since the only thing that's changed on my machine is the upgrade to Win10, I suspect that's involved.