Im using a Asus Strix X99 Deluxe II today but im thinking of replacing it for a rampage v edition 10.
il like to overclock my cpu as much as possible (but it still needs to be stable), im editing movies and do some bf1 gaming
(the boot time on my x99 delux is very long, is the boot fatser on the rampage version?
the built in automatic overclocking doesn't seem to work, its just keeps going until i force it of ( it say it passes 10ghz so im guessing something is of in the software)

The main question is, wille the rampage v10 make the system more stable? , and will it allow fore more overclocking?

Info about the rest of my system if necessary.

Case: 900d (full tower)
graphics card: 2x gtx780
hdd: intel 950pro m.2
samsung 840
3x2Tb seagate
network card 2x10gigabit
Sound card: asus rog phoebus
Power Supply Evga Supernova G2 1300w
3 x Asus bd wr players
2 x DDR4 3200MHZ32GB4X288DIMM
cooling: custom watercooling, 2x480mm radiators and a total of 17 fans (14 is in the radiators)

/Regards (sorry for the bad grammar)