The problem simplified: my CPU is overheating and I don't know why.

Previously I had updated my computer to windows 10 and the Asus software tools I had installed a few years earlier when I had Windows 7 still seemed to work, though I only really used the EPU software thing which I kept on auto and it seemed to do a fine job. A several months ago I added an SSD HD to my PC for my OS and regular programs/games. I had to reinstall Windows and so went straight to Windows 10. I didn't bother trying to install the Asus motherboard software as my PC seemed to run fine without it. My power supply broke a couple of months ago which I replaced with a much better more powerful one and also a new case. Then a couple weeks ago I noticed a graphical and sound stuttering whilst playing a game and realised something was going on with the CPU so I quickly closed the game and checked out the CPU temperature to find it was about 73 degrees!

I never used to pay attention to the temperatures in my PC but realised that since adding the new case and power supply I hadn't noticed the fan noise level change at all. I tried installing the Asus Software that came with my motherboard as that has various software to control the fans in the PC but nothing will install as it isn't Windows 10 compatible and after some effort I managed to get just the EPU software to install but it does nothing.

I checked the RPM of the stock fan on my i7 processor and it hovers between 920 - 960 rpm regardless of which settings I use in the bios for the CPU and even if I set the q-fan control on and set it to Turbo (which is supposed to be fully on all the time) it makes no difference. Using Speedfan software I have managed to gain control of 1 or both of the case fans and set them to max which is 1288 rpm. Unfortunately Speedfan won't let me control the CPU fan. I honestly had no point of reference so I didn't know whether 930 rpm was slow or fast for the CPU fan but after scanning through the internet I believe that it can and should be running much faster than this.

So if this is a software issue which I believe it is, does anyone know a way I can install the Asus software or drivers necessary to give me control over my CPU fan or if not then any other solutions are welcome.