Hi There,

I have an Asus Zenbook UX 501VW laptop which features a combo (mic / headphones) audio-jack port (i.e. one compatible with the four conductor plug shown here Why the external microphone can not be used after plugged into the Notebook audio combo jack?). I also have a headset which is working fine with my iphone. I've been able to use the headphones from that headset with my zenbook, but I've never managed to get the headphones and the microphone in the headset working together. (on the zenbook). I thought this should be trivial, but now I'm not even sure it's possible (and I've read many conflicting reports).

There seem to be three different sets of potential obstacles:

1) One is related to two standards of TRRS audio jack plugs: these being CTIA and OMTP Headset jacks on newer laptops << A better sounding world. I wasn't able to find which format is supported by the zenbook (or whether it is able to autosense, somehow) and whether it is the one used by Apple (CTIA, I believe).

The most info I've found was here: Which type of earphone connector is used for ASUS phone products,OMTP or CTIA?-ZenFone but I'm not sure how relevant that is, as it talks about phone products, rather than laptops

If the formats are different, would a converter such as this
3.5mm Audio Jack Converter between CTIA and OMTP: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
solve the problem?

2) The second (possibly related to the first) has to do with Realtek's HD audio manager. In some posts on the topic, I've noticed people get a 'headset' option when they connect their headsets (as in the image below)
Can the mic AND headphones on apple compatible headsets (with remote) be used on an Asus zenbook?-tbcsp-jpg

I've tried both the latest version of realtek audio manager from realtek's page and the one that ASUS provides under downloads for the UX501VW, but the 'headset' option simply never shows up. So, should I be using a different version of Realtek, perhaps? If so, where can I download it from?

3) Finally, I've read that sometimes the apple remote, which is part of my headset, may be a source of issues?

If anyone would be able to advise / got this to work on their ASUS (or knows that it cannot be done), help / info to that effect would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!