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Thread: Mainboard P9 X79 Pro EATX12V connector burnt

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    Question Mainboard P9 X79 Pro EATX12V connector burnt

    Hello and good evening,

    For a few days i've started to have problems with my Computer.
    From one second to another i was sitting in front of a shutdown PC, without having a clue what happened or why. Suddenly my Monitors would all turn Black and my Computer would be in the Shutdown state.
    Knowing how OC'ing RAM, CPU or GPU causes crashes and froze I was baffled as i've never seen such a behavior before. Afraid that my PSU might cause issues i've tried a lot of different stuff.
    Using GPU 1 only, using GPU 2 only, resetting Mainboard settings to stock. I've once did a 4h Prime95 Run with Monitors turned off and it worked well! No errors. Running Furmark caused a crash right after that, so i used a different rail on the PSU with a different Cable... Still crashed sometimes.
    The strange thing is, the crashes were totally irregular, sometimes while gaming, sometimes on the Desktop. Most of the Time i could simply restart the computer right after the shutdown. Windows 10 would work fine again.
    And yes, Windows 10 is innocent, i've tried on a complete fresh windows 10 install, without GPU drivers or anything, still crashed.

    So after all that i was afraid my PSU is done for and i tried to use a different one from a Friend.
    That's when i noticed i could NOT unplug the small 8pin Powercable to the Mainboard.

    After taking a closer look i found out why....
    Mainboard P9 X79 Pro EATX12V connector burnt-img_5216-jpg

    Like Seriously WTF? HOW can this even happen?
    I do have:
    Asus P9x79 Pro
    Intel I7 3930K @4.4ghz
    2x AMD R9-290 @1000Mhz
    40gb RAM (4x4GB and 3x8GB) @1333Mhz
    Enermax MaxRevo 1500W
    Samsung 840Pro
    Crucial MX300
    3TB HDD
    CPU+GPUs Watercooled with Aquastream XT

    Isn't there any Surge/Overcurrent Protection on the Mainboard?
    It's not the job of the PSU to limit current right?

    The Mainboard is over 3 Years old... probably no Warranty anymore :( Might this be covered by "factory fault" or stuff?
    My best option would be to try and fix it myself....Desolder the blue connector and get a new one from somewhere on the internet. Probably also would need a new Enermax Powercord for the Mainboard.
    The connector on the PSU (modular cables 4tw) is also slightly burnt, you think the PSU might be damaged?

    And then the next question: How do i prevent this from happening in the Future?
    AFAIK the CPU get's its power via different cables, this one here is only used for RAM and PIC-E Devices, right? How much overcurrent would you need to make it burn like that?....

    Looking forward to your ideas and answers :)

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