I have a G55VW gaming laptop and the DVD drive didn't work.

ASUS tech support suggested I reset the BIOS to defaults and do a hard reset but that didn't work and now it loops back to the BIOS as soon as I Save and Exit.

Support then suggested that I repair Windows using the recovery option but there is no recovery option on the machine.

Then they suggested I wipe the disk and reinstall Windows.

Even if I don't mind losing all the files, the Priority Boot Options are not accessible, the cursor moves right over that option to the next one so I can't set it to boot from USB.

I've tried disabling Fast Boot and enabling Launching CSM and it's sub option per other web posts but nothing prevents the BIOS loop.

So the DVD drive doesn't work, the boot options aren't available and I can't get out of the BIOS. (BIOS Version 217).

What now?

Thanks - rev