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Thread: ASUS M51Vr Notebook. Long story.

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    Red face ASUS M51Vr Notebook. Long story.

    In 2008 I bought a ASUS M51Vr with Vista Home Premium.
    It served me very well as I used it for a Karaoke Business and other irrelevant stuff but it was always going.
    Then a update locked it up so an IT fellow suggested I put Win 7 on it while he was fixing it. I had always been dissapointed with the slow startup of Vista so the 'new' Win 7 seemed like a good idea at the time.
    Anyway there was a considerable difference in startup time compared to Vista but eventually it also froze on a update schedule and kept cycling the 'Please wait' for hours.
    Mr IT man came and completely stuffed it altogether, packed up and left me with a dead 'puter. I put it away for about a year. Meantime a very good friend gave me a lovely Mac as he had just bought a new one.
    After a lot of learning about the Mac and finding the Disk Repair program, I decided it might be worth checking my old ASUS hard drive with it.
    After much research I purchased a Unitek Sata 3 hard drive docking station and popped the ASUS drive into it and fired up Disk Repair (First Aid) on the Mac.
    It repaired my Windows hard drive within about 5 seconds so my ASUS was up and running again. woohoo! However, start-up was pathetically slow and shutdown almost as laggy.

    Now for more research. I had read a lot about SSDs and how quick they were. I was about to start a new learning process. Formatting, Cloning, swapping hard drives, you name it.
    I first bought a new Samsung SSD for my Mac and cloned it just in case anything went wrong in the future.

    Then my attention was fully on the ASUS Laptop again.
    I purchased a Crucial SSD and after several weeks debating with myself, decided to restore my Notebook to Vista as I had the Original Product Key sticker still attached to the base of the notebook.
    I must admit I was dubious, worrying about the start-up speed.

    I download a Vista Bios from the web and wow, it worked. Startup was 25 seconds and shut down 5 seconds. However, no WiFi like I had before and the sound was terrible and it wouldn't play my videos either.

    What to do? More research.
    I found a Broadcom WiFi software and loaded that in. YAY! Instant WiFi and it virtually set itself up.
    Now the Graphics. (This is the good part) Now support for Vista Graphics stopped in 2013 so I found the latest Driver and downloaded that. It was self installing even though it said it required some NetFix thing fom Microsoft It did NOT.
    It installed itself and then I re-booted the laptop.

    Oh my!! 3 seconds total ??? Yep. 2 second shutdown?? Yep. Try it again. 3 seconds until I can access the web from completely off. I was stunned! (I still am)

    I have uploaded several of my old AVS video editing programs and a few others and they are remarkably quick now. It has not slowed down my old ASUS Lightning rod.

    I have a Mac and a iPad Pro and guess which is my favourite now.... I wouldn't part with my old ASUS for quids. I even sported it a new battery and have ordered another 2 GB of RAM (all dirt cheap nowadays) and back when I smoked I burnt the Delete key so I just ordered a new Keboard as well. They are only $20 and take about 2 minutes to fit. I will have virtually a new 'puter.
    I am so glad I didn't throw it away when it broke.
    I really hope this helps somebody.

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