BIOS: v2202, OS: Win7
Had this board for about 2 years and had three issues to date.
Issue 2 and 3 I have yet to resolve.
Any help on #2 and #3 appreciated.

Issue 1: Secure Boot shows Enabled and Grayed so Cannot be Toggled
Resolution: Deleted all Keys and then was able to toggle Secure Boot to Disable.

Issue 2: Use BIOS to switch between Hard Drives to Boot off desired drive.
The two drives of interest are a WD2500 and WD5000.
The WD5000 is a clone of the WD2500 and hence has the same signature.
By phyically disconnecting the SATA cable from the WD2500 I can get the WD5000 to boot.
However, if both drives are in system, boot "always" defaults to the WD2500 drive.
Even disabling the WD2500 in the BIOS and then selected the WD5000 drive from Boot Override
will not cause it to boot and even generates a BSOD.

Issue 3: Booting from a CD.
Background: This board will not recognize a DOS or DOS equivalent CD.
Have used WD Data Lifeguard Tools for DOS (Calera DOS) for testing, but NO boot.
Clonezilla will boot but this is a Linux based workaround.

1) Anyone know whether the above issues are ACHI Standard related, Windows OS related or ??
2) Anyone have a solution to the above issues?