Working on an issue for a friend and at a stop.
His Asus ROG GL702VM laptop was causing him some issues so he tried to restore it using Windows 10 restore feature.
After the restore, the keyboard on the laptop no longer works.

I've gone through every troubleshooting method I can think of.
We've installed all applicable software and drivers from the manufactuer
We've ensured everything is up to date including the Bios
ATK was double checked and reinstalled
We've tried removing the device drivers and redetecting them.
We've tried the trick with disability sticky keys.

So far, the back lights work, and the FN keys work when FN is pressed.
The power button and the ROG button work
No other keyboard buttons work with any combination
The keyboard DOES work in bios
A USB keyboard will work when plugged in

There are no known errors in the Device Manager

I'm not sure what else I can check or do to continue ruling things out at this point.
Any ideas or assistance would be helpful.