I'm having issues with my motherboard or 960 Pro. The Samsung 960 Pro (1TB) only runs at a read and write speed of around 100Mbps, the system lags and the usage is always around a hundred percent.

I ask myself if the 960 gets insufficient lanes or something.

I've got two 1080s of which both get assigned 16 lanes, so there should be 8 lanes left with a 40 lanes CPU, right?

I contacted Asus by phone and email with no success so far. Other posts on the internet didn't help either.


Asus Rampage V Edition 10
Intel Core i7-6850k @4.3GHz all Cores (habe auch schon ‹bertaktung rausgenommen, hat nichts gešndert)
4 X 8GB Dominator Platinum RAM @3000MHz
2 X Gigabyte 1080 Xtreme Gaming
Samsung 960 Pro, 1TB
Samsung 840 Evo, 512GB
WD Black 6TB HDD
Netzteil beQuiet Dark Power Pro11, 1200W

Windows says the 960 works fine but it just doesn't.
If someone has an idea what the problem is, please help

Windows 10 Home 64 bit Version 1709
Bios-Version: 1801