My laptop specs is:
4GB GTX 1050 Graphics
110 GB SSD by WD
1 TB of Hard Drive.
running on windows 10 os

The laptop model suggest the reason I bought this thing but it never delivers and this is really frustrating.
FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 simply crash after 5 -10 secs of launching
PES 19 will crash on clicking the kick off.
Farcry 5 crash after 10-15 secs of launching.
I was able to play GTA 5 for about 5 days but the game starts crashing afterwards
but on the contrary Modern warfare 3 goes smoothly without any problem.

I have tried the following solutions provided on forums and youtube to solve my problem which doesn't work :
1. I've tried uninstalling both the graphics driver (Intel and Nvidia) with DDU and reinstall them again.
2. Running compatibility modes in various windows version and admin modes.
3. Reduce the max processor state in the power management from 100 to 99.

All the required system updates are done