So I got ASUS ZX53VW laptop. When I got it, the keyboard started playing up I couldnt use ASDFWZXC keys so I replaced the keyboard. I brought the keyboard from Ebay and it worked. This was 12 months ago, After I replaced the keyboard I looked after it very well to make sure I didnt damage the keys or press it again something. I could FPS games on it and do everything, no issues.

But yesterday when I finished using, I closed the laptop and now the
  • Numpad numbers dont work
  • The numbers at the top dont work, evetime I press any numbers it goes to the symbol
  • Some how the mouse just highlights everything
  • It goes to auto caps and I have to uncap it
  • Even when trying to log into windows with my pin using the onscreen keyboard would not accept the num pad keys

What I have done so far
  • Reset windows
  • Installed and uninstalled and installed drivers including drivers from ASUS website
  • Have used an external keyboard and mouse
  • Had quick luck using the numpad after I pressed FN and Num Lock to quickly enter pin to enter account and then it stops working
  • Played around with the toggle keyboard settings
  • Used Airbrush under the keys to see if anything was stuck

I am running windows 10 and have pretty much reset so its like new windows. The FN special keys work. I think all the keys do work but somehow the num keys arent being recognised.

Any suggestions or what can I do?