I have an Asus Vivibook 14 X405ua Laptop with W/L adapter Intel
Dual Band AC8265

When working with the router in the the next door to the modem/router
I get fair reception, 2-3 bars out of five and pages load anywhere
from slow to okay.

On my 8 yr old Medion Laptop sitting beside the Vivobook
the reception is always very good with 5 bars

When I take both Laptops to a room on the floor above
the modem/router the Vivobook takes a long time to connect
then connects with 1 bar and pages do not load but the
Medion connects straight away with 4 - 5 bars and pages load

When testing download speed I cannot get a response from the
Vivobook when upstairs.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, is there a better driver available
or a procedure to fix this.

Any advice or comments appreciated