I have an Asus 4G-AC68U router which is very fast when its working. The problem is it drops the 4G connection from time to time. It might work seemlessly for a week or drop the connection 6 times in a day. A reboot of the box restores the connection.

Troubleshooting: I have removed all devices from the network (except my phone, so I can test it) and still see the issue.

The vendor I bought the box from has swapped it for a new one. I have performed a factory reset more than once.

I have contacted Asus support. The app is only in Chinese for my location. The Global Support team say they can't support the model. I have emailed the local support them but they say all they can recommend is to keep factory resetting until it works.

I suspect there is a setting on the box that somehow reduces its compatibility with the 4G cell tower but, having checked the box and searched Google, I can't find.

Really desperate here - can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot WHY the connection just suddenly drops???

Thanks so much in advance.