Specs: I5-8250U, Geforce 940mx 2GB, 8GB RAM, windows 10 on 1TB drive. This problem of Fps drops is happening in every game which is hardware intensive like Far Cry 4, Project CARS.
I got my fan, heat sink and thermal paste renewed by the engineer very recently, still problem persists. Also, I have noticed that my laptop is working exceptionally faster than before in the system desktop. Is it drawing more power than usual? The people at Asus are claiming that its a game-related problem and the system doesn't meet the requirements of the games, which is definitely not true as the games are delivering playable frame rates amidst the drops. I'm using MSI afterburner and I recorded a max temp of 91 degrees when the game starts. I also previously conducted a stress test with HW Monitor and Intel XTU and observed unusually high temps and thermal throttling. However, its very surprising since the replacement if fan, heatsink and paste. Please Can anyone highlight the possibilities on what's happening here??

Asus Vivobook 15 R542UQ