I just got a new Asus laptop.

  1. I did full updates from Microsoft windows10 updates and later realized maybe I should have updated Asus hardware drivers first. Now I am having BSOD issues & netio.sys errors forcing me to reboot at least twice so far. Since then Ive not had this issue so far.
  2. I shutdown my laptop everyday. I just noticed from task manager and confirmed in cmd prompt commands my laptop is running for several days. Wondering if this is normal or a setting somewhere or related to issue 1. ?
  3. I was having slow internet issues rebooted modem , no help. Then I found out I had to flushdns , etc and so far no more issues. Is this also related to issue 1. ?

Should I do a factory reset ? Please advice.
Also if I do that what is the right sequence of updates and installs. Thanks