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Thread: anyone know what this issue is and how to fix it?

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    Default anyone know what this issue is and how to fix it?

    I have an asus ux301la with the i7-4558u and 2k screen. i have a weird issue where the internal screen seems to bug out when certain things are on screen. more specificly i've tested with an html5 3d benchmark and it seemed like a certain color was causing issues. its like whereever that bad color is on screen the screen controller gives up and draws that same line down the screen till it hits the bottom. another time it happens is when opening intel xtu ( i originally thought it was a gpu issue and so i underclocked the igpu to see if it would fix the problem, it didn't). the weird thing is it doesn't happen on an external screen. only happens on the internal screen. i would post a picture but im not home right now so i don't have access to a good camera. go figure thats the one thing my china phone out on.

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    Default Re: anyone know what this issue is and how to fix it?

    my first instinct is simply that you have a bad gpu. though since this doesn't happen on your ext. screen the MB is now suspect. also, believe it or not your power supply is a real suspect. read on google, other forums, xda developers and you will see the same symptoms even for different machines and OS. basically the problem is MB failure/failing, pwr supply failure/failing or MB/CPU failure/failing. there are testing procedures you can again google, chrome, edge, internet explore look up...I honest cant remember the procedure, so do a little research, even using a modern phone and just find websites with info on similar problem and fix. also, try sites like youtube, toms hardware, MS, etc...just write down their steps and start testing. last two options: buy new machine or pay for repairs. with just a little effort you can save yourself a lot of money and learn more about your machine.

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