Hmmm...I donīt really know where I should put this question, but hopefully this is the right place! :rolleyes:

So, I may buy a digicam, very cheap model! I would probably use it just to take pictures to the web, but I donīt want to buy just some 0.5 Mega pixel web cam. :rolleyes2

I already have a Minolta Dynax 7 SLR camera (which cost me with all the extra equipment about 2400€ ($) :rolleyes: ) to support my photographing hobby. That was quite expensive investment!! :D :D

I have been looking around and my most likely choise would be Canon PowerShot A200U (2.0 Mega pix.) with 128Mb memory card. The cam costs about 250€ ($) and Pretec Compact Flash 128Mb memory card about 41€ ($).

Has anyone used this camera? :?:

Does anyone have a better idea what to buy? :confused:

:cheers: :cheers: